Cloud Server design and construction

Service Guideline

You can ask everything about cloud server!

Firstly, we will conduct interviews in order to fully understand current status of our customers.After learning their cases, we will explain merits and demerits in order to be able to choose best solution together. If you are migrating from an existing system, we will go through bottlenecks and any other points that may cause to errors due to lack of communication. Our carefully approach will help us to avoid human errors as well. When setting up and designing cloud server, we pay more attention the following features: selection of cloud, OS, middleware version, module, subnet design, security policy and so on. We will build a cloud server based on designed contents which came to conclusion after having conversation with you. After finishing set up process, we will hand over login and configuration information. Since there are so many cloud server patterns which will change according to applications, we will choose an optimal plan for you by taking into consideration various purposes and uses of customers while setting up server.

Do you have such worries... Please have a consultation session once with us!

  • 24/7 available support
  • Want to concentrate resources on services and programming
  • Want us to handle vulnerability and security
  • Service operation is unstable, so want to make it stable
  • Want to outsource large-scale Web service operations
  • Hard to handle large scale servers by ourselves
  • Want to move from on-premises to cloud but do not know how
  • Do not know what cloud server is perfect for me
  • Consultation about automation of infrastructure operations
  • Not having anyone who can be in charge for infrastructure
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Cloud server design and set up
(Initial steps)

Steps to take for initial set up

・Server configuration and Subnet establishment

・Server machine setup

・OS/middleware installment

・FW/creation of security policy

・Login user setup

・Virtual host settings

・Backup setting (internal backup)

・Server monitoring metrics setting (Zabbix)

Beyond original set up

★ Installation and technical support

We will listen your system requirements, issues and budget, and propose the optimal infrastructure configuration. By advising and supporting possible problems in the future, we aim to improve cloud server configuration and system operation.

★ Multi-cloud system support

Beyond has very good partnership with a wide variety of cloud vendors. Consequently, we can help our customers whether they are in Japan or overseas by learning their environment and what their needs are.

★ Strong partnership option

We will provide with various services such as data migration, load testing, vulnerability diagnosis, security enhancement, CDN, and others can be used according to customer requests. We will try to support more stable service development and system operation.