Cloud Server operation/maintenance and monitoring

Service guideline

24/7 operation/maintenance and technical support!

It is difficult to respond quickly to irregular situations only during limited service hours.

In order to expedite troubleshooting in the event of a failure, we are constantly monitoring, operating, and maintaining manned 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by engineers. Our main purpose is to keep non-stop operation of customers' important services.

Beyond has a dedicated team of engineers specializing in "cloud / server operation", separate from the "cloud / server construction" team. In the unlikely event that your server goes down or has trouble, our dedicated engineer team will use their knowledge, experience and know-how in order to recover your service with less or no damage.

Beyond will continue to protect servers that are exposed to various threats, such as measures against sudden access loads to a specific server, unauthorized access from abroad, and OS / middleware vulnerability response updates.In addition, Beyond does not simply conduct operation and maintenance of the server, but also analyzes the operation status and trends of the cloud servers. Moreover, we also think about optimizing the system configuration, reducing cost, and issues that might be occurring in the future. Besides, providing more robust server cloud operations and making improvements will be on our mind all year around to serve better.

クラウド / サーバー運用保守・監視 イメージ画像

Our server support strengths

● 24時間365日の有人監視 イメージアイコン

● 24/7 monitoring by engineers

It is difficult to respond to irregular situations only with unattended server monitoring. In order to quickly respond to server failures, we are constantly monitoring them. We have established a system that can quickly respond to emergencies by using our skilled human resources.

● 迅速な障害対応とレスポンス イメージアイコン

● Quick response

In the unlikely event of a server going down or a system error, quick confirmation and response will minimize loss of data or resource. We have an operation system that can quickly respond to sudden troubles.

● システム改善の運用と技術サポート イメージアイコン

● System operation improvement and technical support

We will provide more robust system operation rather than simply monitoring the server by giving advice on cost reductions and optimizing system operation. Since, daily operation is very important before trouble occurs.

● サポート対応回数が無制限のチャットサポート イメージアイコン

● Unlimited support by chat

In addition to telephone and email, we provide contact and support using chat tools. Of course, inquiries, support details, and alert histories are fully documented as trails, so we will provide an environment where all server operation maintenance and monitoring duties can be thrown.

● サーバーのセキュリティ強化 イメージアイコン

● Enhanced server security

Servers are always subject to external attacks. In order to maintain the security of the system, such as measures against unauthorized access, vulnerability countermeasures and error checks, we strictly protect important data of our customers.

● サーバー管理の作業負担はゼロ イメージアイコン

● Zero server management workload

With full support for server management, you can focus on the business services that you should focus on. We will respond to cases where a high load is temporarily generated during promotions, etc., as well as newly added systems.

Do you have such a“trouble / case”? Please consult us first!

  • I would like to get quick support by telephone, email and chat 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • I want to get help with irregular troubles and failures that occur suddenly
  • Expect a timely response to issues that require an early solution
  • I want to concentrate on the original service development and concentrate business resources
  • Since the number of servers is large, we cannot cover our own resources
  • I want to reduce the operation cost of server management as much as possible
  • I want to improve the operation because there is a problem with the current server environment
  • I want to entrust security operations such as unauthorized access countermeasures and vulnerability countermeasures
  • Want advice that considers system requirements, environment, and use cases
  • Want to get to know technical knowledge about various clouds / servers

Cloud/server operation/maintenance/monitoring
Server support 24/7

Work required for daily operation maintenance and monitoring

・24/7 manned monitoring

・In the event of a failure, primary response (alert notification / cause investigation)

・Failure response result report(email / phone)

・Help Desk(Email/Phone)

・Add/change server network settings

・Server specification/scale adjustment

・Access restriction(illegal access block)

・Add/change login user settings

Unique operation and maintenance service of Beyond

★ Secondary response in case of failure(fault isolation/cause report)

★ OS / middleware security updates (vulnerabilities)

★ OS / Middleware (OSS) technical support and advice

★ Middleware parameter tuning (high load support)

★ Cloud technology/Operation support

★ Cloud fee payment agent (JPY/bill payment)

★ Server operation maintenance/customization of monitoring items

★ Unlimited support times

★ Chat support(24/7)