Corporate Mindset

The Importance of Server Operations and Infrastructure

Utilizing the value and expertise of our engineers

At Beyond, we don't believe that our work ends with just building and supplying servers and infrastructure. In fact, once the server is up and running, this is when our real work begins. These days, servers and system infrastructures are as important as other lifeline services such as water, electricity, and gas. This also applies for the system, it is unacceptable for it to stop working. There will always be people who operate the system to ensure that your service is stable. Despite the development of recent IT technologies that exist in the world (such as system automation and infrastructure virtualization), building those mechanisms are the art of people. Web sites, systems and applications you might be using in your everyday life, all around the world, are being monitored and supported non-stop, day in and day out by the engineers of Beyond. While the upkeep and maintenance of servers and related infrastructures are mainly done "behind the scenes", it is this unseen work of our engineers that provides real value to our customers. It is this work that allows Beyond to run the servers and maintain the infrastructures that our customers need.
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The Attitude of Pursuing the 1% Chance of Success

Maintaining strong partnerships with our clients

Beyond is a multi-cloud integrated MSP (managed service provider). We employ a wide variety of the latest cloud technology such as AWS, GCP, Alibaba Cloud, IDCF Cloud, alongside a team of highly skilled engineers who can offer complete, integrated support for our clients. Any issues our customers face are considered issues of our own, and we work together as partners to find a satisfactory solutions. Meanwhile one of the cornerstones of our support for our clients, is our never-ending pursuit of providing the most stable server operating environments possible. The rich experience, the "know-how"s and all the technologies we’ve developed so far, are all for you. With our engineers' vast experience, technical ability and trust as a base, we promise to deliver consistently high levels of service, ensuring that we meet the needs of our clients with fast responses. We will always try to give our full potential to make the 1% of success into 100%.
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Building a Server is like Building a House

We work together with our clients on every step, from planning to construction

At Beyond, we place particular importance on the "planning" and "construction" phases of building a server and related infrastructures. In the same way you build a house, making changes to the design of a server once construction is underway or completed requires a lot of time, effort, and money. Therefore, our engineers will discuss directly with clients throughout the planning and construction phase to reduce the risk of any potential mistakes that could arise from a lack of communication. At the same time, they will ensure that all of the required functionalities requested from our clients are fully incorporated into the final design. In terms of the design, operation, and maintenance of servers and system infrastructures, allowing our clients to work directly with expert engineers reduces the overall working time, thus reducing the final cost for our clients.
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