Security policy


Basic Principle

Recognizing the company as a social public entity, and serving society and customers along with development of IT society

We always keep in mind that how important confidential and customer information should be handled during business activities.
We will ensure proper management and protection of information together with acting according to laws and regulations with high ethical standards.

Basic Policy

Based on our principles, we define security policy as “maintaining confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information assets”. At the same time, in order to properly protect information assets from threats such as loss, theft, unauthorized access, computer viruses, etc., we will strength physical and technical security along with raising awareness among employees. By taking above-mentioned steps, we are intended to prevent security incidents and accidents related to customer information. By doing so, we aim to establish, maintain, and improve an information security system management.

  1. The scope of application covers all information assets related to our business activities.
    In particularly, we will protect and maintain highly confidential information assets about our customers.
  2. All information released to outside for business purposes will be managed and maintained as they used within the organization.
  3. To establish risk assessment standards and risk assessment procedures for information security threats and vulnerabilities to information assets.At the same time, appropriate management measures are systematically executed to reduce the risk to an acceptable level of information assets during their usage process.
  4. In order to promote information security smoothly, the ISMS Committee will clarify the roles and responsibilities of information security promotion and operation.
  5. We will provide all employees with necessary education and ensure that rules stipulated in the legal and contractual requirements and security regulations are being protected to followed.
  6. To making internal auditors as a team to check effectiveness of information security management systems and adherence to establish new rules.
  7. Information security policies and management measures will be reviewed regularly or as necessary in consideration of changes in business content and social conditions, in order to continually improve information security.
  8. If one violates information security policies, we will take an action towards them according to the rules of employment.

Established: September 1, 2011
Beyond Co., Ltd.
CEO Haraoka Masahiro

Beyond Security Service