[System Development] System Development Partner's

[System Development] System Development Partner's

We are looking for system development partners and cooperating companies.

Beyond is looking for "partners" and "cooperating companies" who can undertake system development work on a contract basis for projects such as "system development."

In addition to services such as "Cloud/Server Support" that Beyond provides to customers, this service is aimed at system development partners who can propose and collaborate with Beyond on projects such as "system development" to customers. Masu.

Recruitment field/scope of system development

[System Development] System Development Partner's

For system development partners, we would like to introduce the following business areas on a project-by-project basis and ask for consultation and cooperation regarding system development contract work.

● Web system/service development (Linux/open systems)
● Server side/back-end development (API development)
● Database performance tuning (MySQL/PostgreSQL DB design, etc.)
● Server data migration/migration (including source code/program modification) )
● Website construction/development (HTML/CSS/JavaScript/WordPress)
● EC site construction/development (Shopify)
● Smartphone application development (iOS/Android)
● Business system development (Windiows/Oracle)

*The system will be developed using cloud environments and technologies such as AWS, GCP, and Azure.
*There is no problem if you are an IT company that falls into any of the above fields.

System development partner conditions

◆ IT companies that are engaged in system development business on a contract basis (including freelancers/sole proprietors)
*Companies that assume full-time stationed or dispatched (SES) business to customer sites are eligible. I will leave it outside.

communication format

◇ Online meetings (Zoom / Google Meet, etc.)
◇ Chat (Slack / Chatwork, etc.)
◇ Task management (Backlog / Redmine, etc.)

Additional information for system development partners

〇 We will discuss the detailed terms and conditions of the partner program separately.
〇 If we receive a large number of applications from partners, we may close partner recruitment without prior notice.
〇 We do not recruit projects or partners that require permanent staffing or dispatch (SES) to the customer's site.
〇 Depending on the partner's industry and conditions, we may refuse your request.
〇Please note that he may not be able to respond depending on the content of your inquiry.