Privacy policy


Beyond Co., Ltd (referred as a “the Company” hereafter) places high priority on providing excellent services and aims to gain the trust and satisfaction of customers.
For this reason, we will take the following steps to appropriately protect and manage personal information.

  1. We will comply with laws and other relevant terms to protect personal information.
  2. At Beyond, you will be notified in advance before using your personal information and after confirming your response we will act accordingly.
  3. We will use your personal information for only intended purposes.
  4. We will not provide your information to a third party except the followings:
    • When performing consignment work with a partner company that has already made confidential agreement with the Company
    • When a request for information disclosure based on laws and regulations is received from a judicial or administrative organization
  5. We will endeavor to safely manage your personal information.

The contents of the privacy policy are subjected to change as necessary
Please refer to latest information in this page.

Established: August 7, 2008
Beyond Co., Ltd.
CEO Haraoka Masahiro