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Server Related

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    Cloud/Server Design and Construction

    After thoroughly consulting with our clients to find out their current situation and issues, we will propose the optimal server or cloud system that meets their needs. We will then guide them through the design, set up and transferring stages.

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    Cloud/Server Operation, Maintenance, and Monitoring

    Our engineers are available 24/7, monitoring the system to ensure its smooth operation. They also respond quickly to any server or cloud related issues that may occur.

  • Cloud and Server Migration and Data Transfer Services

    We offer full support for data and system migration from both on-premise systems and other cloud servers. Furthermore, all cloud designs and constructions are done optimally by taking into account our clients' needs.

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    Load Testing Services

  • CDN Services

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    Security Services

  • Support for Serverless /
    Container Installation

  • Domain acquisition image icon

    Domain Acquisition

  • SSL certificate/installation image icon

    SSL Certificate/Installation

Web Development Services

  • Game API/WebAPI image icon

    Game API / Web API Development

    Beyond has a wealth of experience developing APIs (server-side development), meaning we can handle all kinds of projects regardless of genre or scale. We are also able to respond flexibly to changes in the technological / business environment.

  • Web system development image icon

    Web System Development

    At Beyond, we support all your needs in one go (from infrastructure design and construction to web service system development) by means of our exceptional strength in cloud / server construction, operation and maintenance. After releasing your product, leave the operation to us.

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Beyond's Corporate Mindset

We work non-stop behind the scenes to lessen your worries and operate your services smoothly and

Having a reliable server environment is vital for any company; yet it is often overlooked on people's list of priorities. This is unfortunate, because no matter how great a promotional campaign you put together, if the server you're running it on is unstable, it is not going to be successful.

We don't want that to happen to you. That's why we work behind the scenes, monitoring your servers 24/7 to ensure that your server is working stably and efficiently.

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Our 3 Strengths

  • Supporting Capabilities


    24/7 Manned System Monitoring

    Un-manned system monitoring makes it difficult to respond quickly to irregular occurrences. That's why we man our servers and cloud operations 24/7. Even in the unlikely event that a cloud system or server goes down, we can enact a quick recovery and minimize damage for our clients.


  • Consulting Services


    System Optimization Consulting

    We not only operate, maintain, and monitor our clients' cloud systems and servers, but we also analyze the resource usage, trends and statistics, enabling us to recommend upgrades or system optimizations to prevent future system troubles and help reduce costs. This allows us to create a more stable operating environment for our clients' cloud systems and servers.


  • Large Scale / Heavy Traffic Capabilities


    A Wealth of Experience Handling Large Scale Web Projects

    Thanks to our vast experience and expertise in handling web service operations for social games, e-commerce sites, advertising services, and so on, we are able to provide a smooth transition to higher spec servers and larger scale cloud systems if necessary. We can also assist with load testing, vulnerability response services, and operational status reports.


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