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Protect user information with robust security

Keeper a cloud-based password security service that provides an easy-to-use zero-trust platform with high visibility, security, and controls to securely manage your passwords and access information .

Keeper's Zero Trust architecture encrypts and stores your passwords at multiple layers to protect access to applications, systems, secrets, and IT resources.

Keeper's security features enhance auditing and compliance with organization-wide visibility, controls, reporting event logs, and more.

Keeper, a leader in cybersecurity, provides a powerful security platform that provides simple and secure password management and protection for

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◆ Service features of password security “Keeper” ◆

Password security “Keeper”

Keeper provides powerful security features that require no specialized knowledge to help you secure your data systems. We reduce the risk of security vulnerabilities with an easy-to-use cloud service that takes user information password management and compliance into consideration.

Based on the technology and know-how of Keeper certified MSP partners, Beyond is able to provide customers with all-in-one technical support for Keeper installation, configuration, and operation.

  • Security visibility, control, and reporting
    visibility, control, and reporting
    Zero Trust architecture protects access to applications, systems, secrets, and IT resources, and basic two-factor authentication is always enabled. Simplify and strengthen auditing and compliance while providing visibility, control, event logging, and reporting across your organization.
  • Compatible with various multiple devices and browsers
    various multiple
    devices and browsers
    Keeper can be accessed from major devices such as Windows and Mac, major browsers such as Chrome, and can also be accessed from a dedicated desktop app, iPhone, iPad, and Android app. When you access Vault from your app, all information is encrypted and stored on your device using 256-bit AES.
  • Flexible access permissions and settings between accounts

    Flexible access permissions and settings between accounts
    Shared folders allow you to securely share sensitive information with multiple users. Allow users to access and use their passwords, but not see their actual information, or give external users temporary access or one-time, time-limited sharing permissions. It is possible to provide.

● Beyond is a Keeper Certified MSP Partner

At Beyond, we have certified MSP partners in the Keeper Partner Network who provide customer experience with Keeper trained and certified personnel.

With industry-leading cybersecurity technology, we provide customers and companies with the optimal experience tailored to their needs.
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◆ Service specifications and functions of password security “Keeper” ◆

We will listen to your usage scale and business type of Keeper, current issues, and concerns about implementation, and provide the optimal plan for you. After deploying Keeper, we will provide a help desk for Keeper settings and functionality, and support the day-to-day operations of Keeper.

● Features by service plan ●

● Service plan ● ● Keeper Business ● ● Keeper Enterprise ●
Basic two-factor authentication
team management
security audit
Policy engine and enforcement
Access from unlimited devices
shared team folder
Dedicated encrypted vault for each user
folders and subfolders
Developer API for password cycle and backend integration -
Command line provisioning -
Automatic provisioning by email address -
SCIM and Azure AD provisioning -
Active Directory and LDAP synchronization -
Automatic provisioning by email address -
Advanced two-factor authentication (DUO/RSA) -
automatic team management -
Single sign-on (SAML 2.0) authentication -

● Additional features for organizations ●

● Keeper Secret Manager image icon

● Keeper Secret Manager

Protect your environment by removing hard-coded credentials from your source code, configuration files, and CI/CD environments and eliminate the potential for uncontrolled spread of secrets. Secure any type of instance infrastructure with integration with popular CI/CD environments and SDKs for major programming languages.

● Keeper Connection Manager image icon

● Keeper Connection Manager

An agentless remote desktop gateway that provides access to RDP, SSH, DB, and Kubernetes endpoints via a web browser on on-premises or cloud platforms. It's designed to integrate with many third-party systems and protocols, so you don't need a VPN connection.

*Keeper has various security functions in addition to those listed above. Please contact us for more information.