Server Support Service Terms of Use


The terms and conditions for users to use the server support service (hereinafter referred to as the "Service") provided by Beyond Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") (collectively referred to as "Terms of Use").

Article 1 (Applicability)

All of the Services shall be provided based on the provisions of these Terms, and the User shall be deemed to have agreed to each provision before entering into this Agreement.

Article 2 (Service content)

The contents of this service are as follows. However, a separate service definition document, quotation, and specifications (including documents intended to be quotations and specifications, e-mails, and other communication means; hereinafter referred to as "estimates, etc.") separately issued by the Company to the user. If there is a provision, that content shall take precedence.

■ Service details
To ensure that the Internet service provided by the user or third party listed in the quotation etc. issued separately by the Company (hereinafter referred to as the "Target Internet Service") continues to operate according to the specifications specified in the attached document. maintenance work

■ Provided
24 hours a day, 365 days a year

■ Response details
(1) Investigating the cause and changing settings when the resources of the target Internet service increase.
(2) Investigation of the cause and impact of an attack, and various responses.
(3) Confirmation and reboot if there is no response.

■ Targeted services
As stated in the estimate etc. issued separately by our company

Article 3 (Contract/Usage Fees)

  1. The initial cost and monthly cost of this service shall be based on the details of the order placed by the user in accordance with the estimate, etc.
  2. The initial fee shall not be refunded even if the contract is terminated for any reason. If this service is terminated, fees already paid by the user, including advance payments, will not be refunded, unless this agreement is canceled due to our company's responsibility.

Article 4 (Contract period/Changes within the period)

  1. The contract period for this service is from the date of order to the end of the month, unless otherwise specified in the quotation, etc. However, if neither the user nor the Company notifies us of the non-renewal of the contract by one month before the contract expiration month, the contract period will be renewed for one month, and the same shall apply thereafter.
  2. During the contract period, if the user wishes to change the contract details that would result in a reduction in the monthly fee for this service, the user shall notify the company at least one month before the change implementation date.

Article 5 (Minimum usage period)

  1. The minimum usage period shall be three months starting from the month in which the initial monthly fee is incurred. (hereinafter referred to as "minimum usage period")
  2. If all applicable services of this service are canceled due to the user's convenience during the minimum usage period, the user shall immediately pay the total amount of monthly fees corresponding to the minimum usage period to the Company in one lump sum. shall be. Additionally, monthly fees will be based on the estimate.

Article 6 (Payment method)

  1. The User shall transfer the usage fee for this Service and the fee for additional services requested by the User to the bank account designated by the Company. Transfer fees shall be borne by the user.
  2. The User shall pay to the Company the compensation for the services performed from the first day of each month to the last day of each month on the following dates.

■Payment date
Closed at the end of each month, paid on the last day of the following month

Article 7 (Cancellation of contract)

  1. This Agreement excludes the application of Article 641 of the Civil Code to the part where the work is a contract, and the application of Article 651 of the Civil Code to the part where the work is delegated. The contract cannot be terminated or cancelled, regardless of the content of the business, whether or not compensation is required as the orderer, or for any reason.
  2. If the Company determines that the User falls under any of the following items, the Company may cancel this Agreement.
    • (1) If the information provided by the user to the Company at the time of application is false.
    • (2) If the user is late or delinquent in paying the usage fee for a total of two months or more.
    • (3) Anti-social forces, etc. (meaning organized crime groups, organized crime group members, associate members of organized crime groups, companies affiliated with organized crime groups, corporate racketeers, etc., gangsters who claim to be social movements, special intelligence violent groups, etc., and other equivalent persons; the same applies hereinafter) ), or when the Company determines that the Company has any kind of interaction or involvement with anti-social forces, etc., such as cooperating with or participating in the maintenance, operation, or management of anti-social forces, etc. through funding or other means.
    • (4) If the user engages in any of the prohibited acts stipulated in these Terms.

Article 8 (Delay/Delay interest)

If the user still fails to pay usage fees and other obligations after the due date, the user shall immediately pay overdue interest calculated at the annual rate of 14.6%.

Article 9 (Communication report)

Users shall contact and communicate with the Company by telephone, email, or any other predetermined means of communication.

Article 10 (Confidentiality)

  1. The User and the Company shall not disclose any confidential information or business secrets (including materials lent by the other party) that are disclosed, whether orally or in writing, through operations based on these Terms without the other party's prior written consent. (hereinafter referred to as "Confidential Information") shall not be used for any purpose other than business pursuant to these Terms, and shall not be disclosed or leaked to any third party. However, this does not apply in the following cases.
    • (1) If the person already possesses the confidential information at the time of disclosure.
    • (2) If the confidential information is already publicly known.
    • (3) After disclosure, the information becomes publicly known through no fault of the disclosed party.
  2. Notwithstanding the provisions of the preceding paragraph, the Company uses cloud tools that the Company uses in providing the Service, but does not subcontract the work itself performed by the Company regarding the Service to the cloud tool provider. The Company shall be able to record and process confidential information in such cloud tools.
  3. The obligation to maintain confidentiality pursuant to this article shall continue during the effective period of these Terms and until three years have passed after the termination of these Terms. The obligation to maintain confidentiality regarding personal information and customer information shall continue indefinitely.

Article 11 (Quality Assurance)

  1. In the event that there is a period during which the Target Internet Service cannot be used due to reasons attributable to the Company, the Company shall be obligated to refund the amounts listed in the following categories to the User.

    Unavailable time Amount of refund (relative to monthly usage fee)
    less than 3 hours none
    3 hours or more but less than 6 hours Monthly fee for this service is prorated: 1 day
    6 hours or more but less than 12 hours Monthly fee for this service is prorated: 2 days
    More than 12 hours but less than 24 hours Monthly fee for this service is prorated: 3 days
    More than 24 hours but less than 48 hours Monthly fee for this service is prorated: 5 days
    48 hours or more Half a month of this service monthly fee
  2. If the User or a third party is unable to use the Service or related Internet services due to reasons attributable to the Company, compensation for damages to the User shall be limited to those stipulated in the preceding paragraph. Even if the damage suffered by the User exceeds the amount set forth in the preceding paragraph, no claim shall be made for an amount greater than the amount set forth in the preceding paragraph. Additionally, the User shall indemnify the Company from any claims against the Company from third parties who suffer damages due to the User or third party being unable to use the Target Internet Service due to reasons attributable to the Company.

Article 12 (Scope of responsibility)

  1. Users shall be solely responsible for any trouble caused by themselves when using the Target Internet Service.
  2. Users shall not engage in any of the acts listed below.
    • (1) Acts that infringe on the copyright of others.
    • (2) Acts of distributing content that violates public order and morals.
    • (3) Acts that are prohibited by the business providing the target Internet service.
    • (4) Other acts that our company deems to be detrimental to the provision of this service.
  3. Due to the nature of the Service, the Company does not guarantee that the Target Internet Service will continue without interruption, that any problems experienced by the User will be resolved, or that the resolution will occur within a certain time.

Article 13 (Management Obligations)

The Company shall not be held responsible for any loss of data recorded by the User in the Target Internet Service, unless the loss is caused intentionally by the Company. Users are obligated to make copies and backups of data registered on the Target Internet Service in case of failure, suspension, or data loss of the Target Internet Service in case of an emergency.

Article 14 (Repair/Restoration)

In the event that the provision of the Target Internet Service is suspended or lost, the User and the Company shall endeavor to restore the services for which each party is responsible for the management. In addition, the Company shall not be held responsible for any damage caused to the user, the Company, or a third party at the time of failure or recovery.

Article 15 (Compliance with laws and regulations)

Users and the Company shall comply with applicable laws and regulations when implementing these Terms, and shall bear all obligations and responsibilities as users or business owners for the implementation of these Terms by their respective personnel.

Article 16 (Outsourcing)

The Company may, at its discretion, entrust the fulfillment of all or part of these Terms to a third party.

Article 17 (Responsibility)

  1. In the event that the User and the Company cause damage to a third party due to reasons attributable to the User in connection with the performance of these Terms, the User and the Company shall resolve the matter at their own expense and responsibility, and shall not cause any damage or inconvenience to the other party. shall not have any effect on
  2. Even if the exemption under these Terms is not applicable by law or court judgment, the total liability of the User or the Company to the other party shall be limited to the total amount of usage fees for the past six months from the time the damage occurred.
  3. With respect to our company's liability under any of the provisions of these Terms, our company will only be liable if there is a cause attributable to the company itself, and the existence of such attributable cause can be reasonably proven. It will be done. In the event that the Company is unable to fulfill its obligations under this Agreement due to a defect or failure in the services of a third party used by the User or the Company in the performance of this Agreement, or if there is a problem with the performance of the Agreement, or if the Company is unable to fulfill its obligations under the Agreement, the Company may incur any damages caused by the User. If it is not clear whether the Company or the third party is responsible for the occurrence, the Company shall be exempted from any responsibility.

Article 18 (Agreed Jurisdiction Court)

The User and the Company agree that the Osaka District Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction of the first instance for any litigation related to this Service.

Article 19 (Consultation)

In the event that any doubt arises regarding matters not stipulated in these Terms or the interpretation of each provision of these Terms, both the User and the Company shall promptly consult and make a decision.

Article 20 (Changes to Terms)

  1. Our company may change these Terms. These Terms of Use may be changed without obtaining the consent of the User, and the revised Terms of Use shall also apply to the Terms of Use that have already been concluded.
  2. If the Company makes any changes to these Terms, the Company shall notify users by sending an e-mail or posting on the Company's website at least 30 days prior to the change, and the Company may choose which method to use. do.

First edition: 2017.11.1 established

2nd edition: Revised 2019.12.2

3rd edition: Revised 2022.10.11 ( Click here )