Privacy policy

Privacy policy

Beyond Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") has as its first priority the provision of excellent IT/Web services and systems to its customers, and its goal is to earn the trust and satisfaction of its customers.

In order to achieve this goal, our company has established the following basic policy for personal information protection and public disclosure regarding personal information protection as a privacy policy related to our business.

Basic policy for personal information protection

Our core business is cloud/server business, system development business, and web service business, and we operate various peripheral businesses.

In order for all of our customers to work with us with peace of mind, we believe that it is paramount to safely manage the personal information entrusted to us, and we consider privacy protection to be a social responsibility of our corporate activities. In order to fulfill this responsibility, our company has established the following personal information protection policy, and our officers and employees will strive to appropriately handle, maintain, and manage personal information in accordance with this policy.

  1. Subject to personal information
    Our company applies this privacy policy not only to cloud/server business, system development business, and web service business, but also to related businesses that we currently handle, as well as all businesses that we handle in the future.
  2. Acquisition, Use, and Provision of Personal Information
    Our company will not acquire personal information from customers without their consent. Even if you agree to the acquisition, the information will only be used within the scope of the purpose of use notified to you. Personal information will not be provided to third parties unless consent is obtained or required by law. In addition, when acquiring information from the website, secure communication is performed using SSL.
  3. Security protection of personal information
    Personal information held by our company is strictly managed. To prevent unauthorized access to personal information and theft, loss, destruction, falsification, leakage, etc. of personal information, logical management such as ID/password management, thorough enforcement of personal information storage, management, and disposal rules, and the construction of firewalls. We will also strive to prevent this by thoroughly implementing physical controls such as controlling the entry and exit of visitors, as well as personnel controls through employee training. We will also periodically review the validity of these measures to ensure the security of your information in the future.
  4. Compliance with laws and internal regulations
    We strive to comply with laws and industry guidelines regarding personal information. In addition, in order to put this into practice, we will establish a personal information protection system, thoroughly enforce this through employee training, etc., and establish a company-wide compliance system.
  5. Implementation of improvements and corrections
    We will conduct regular and continuous audits of the above-mentioned implementation status and continuously improve our internal system. In the unlikely event that personal information is illegally accessed, lost, destroyed, falsified or leaked, we will immediately investigate the cause and take corrective action. In addition, we will review and improve our personal information protection system from time to time in accordance with the trends of the times.

Announcement regarding protection of personal information

■ Company name
Beyond Co., Ltd.

■ Our location
3F Nankai SK Namba Building, 1-10-4 Namba Naka, Naniwa-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 556-0011

Masahiro Haraoka, Representative Director, Personal Information Protection Officer of our company

■ Definition of personal information Personal information
is information about a living individual that can identify a specific individual by the name, address, telephone number, email address, company name, and other descriptions that constitute the information. Says. Personal information also includes information that can be easily compared with other information and, as a result, can identify an individual, even if the individual cannot be identified from that information alone.

■ Purpose of use of personal information
The purpose of use of personal information (including retained personal data) is as follows. Our company will not use personal information for any purpose other than the purpose of use.

    • (1) Personal authentication of individuals who use our services (hereinafter referred to as "users") and provision of this service to users and companies that use our services
    • (2) Communication related to the use of our services / mail magazine / DM / distribution and sending of various notices, etc.
    • (3) Provision of personal information to companies using this service based on user consent/application
    • (4) Distribution and display of advertisements and contents based on attribute information / device information / location information / action history, etc., and provision of this service
    • (5) Improvement of our services / development of new services / analysis and marketing
    • (6) Implementation of campaigns/surveys/monitors/interviews, etc.
    • (7) Distribution of URL information to subscribers of e-mail newsletters, etc.
    • (8) Opinions/inquiries regarding our services/confirmation/response to review submissions
    • (9) Investigation of various application acts for commercial or diversion purposes, various multiple applications, transfer of rights, registration of false information, etc. that are prohibited by the terms of service stipulated by the Company, and detailed confirmation of the application contents based on the investigation.
    • (10) In the case of information entrusted by a client/contractor, the purpose of use specified by the consignor

■ Voluntary provision of personal information
Providing personal information to our company is voluntary. However, if you are unable to provide each of the required items for our services, there may be restrictions on the provision of our services.

■ Providing personal information to third parties
We will not provide personal information to third parties without the consent of the user, except in cases where laws and regulations or exceptions to this announcement apply. If provision is necessary, the user's consent shall be obtained after specifying the recipient and content of the information provided.

■ Recipient and purpose of provision, and means or method of provision
Each time we obtain consent, we will clearly indicate the recipient and purpose of provision on our services.

■ Exceptions to Provision
In the following cases, personal information may be provided without the user's consent to the extent that it does not violate relevant laws and regulations.

    • (1) If it is determined that the user is causing a disadvantage to a third party
    • (2) When it is particularly necessary to improve public health or promote the healthy upbringing of children, and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the user.
    • (3) In cases where it is necessary to cooperate with a national agency, local government, or a person entrusted by them in carrying out affairs stipulated by law, carrying out such affairs with the consent of the user. If there is a risk of interfering with
    • (4) When the disclosure of personal information is requested by a court, public prosecutor's office, police, or an organization with similar authority.
    • (5) When the user himself or herself explicitly requests disclosure or provision to a third party.
    • (6) When disclosure or provision is permitted by law.
    • (7) In cases where personal information is provided due to business succession due to merger or other reasons, and it is handled within the scope of the purpose of use prior to the succession.

■ Disclaimer regarding provision to third parties
In the following cases, our company assumes no responsibility for the acquisition of personal information by a third party.

    • (1) If the user discloses personal information to a user company using the functions of this service or other means (Please contact each user company directly regarding the handling of personal information by the user company, etc.) )
    • (2) When personal information is provided by the user and used on an external site linked from our service.
    • (3) If someone other than the user obtains information that can identify the user (ID/password, etc.)

■ Outsourcing of personal information processing
We may outsource some or all of our personal information handling operations. Please note that our company is responsible for the handling of personal information by subcontractors.

■Use of statistically processed data
Based on the personal information provided, our company may create statistical data that is processed so that individuals cannot be identified and cannot be restored. Regarding statistical data that cannot identify individuals, the Company may use it without any restrictions as anonymously processed information or pseudonymized information, subject to legal restrictions.

■ Security management measures
As stated in the basic policy for personal information protection that our company applies to personal information (including retained personal data), and in addition, organizational security management measures such as internal regulations and system development. We will take human safety management measures such as employee training, physical safety management measures such as theft prevention, and technical safety management measures such as access control.

■ Procedures for disclosing and correcting personal data
In principle, only users themselves are notified of the purpose of use of personal information, disclosure, correction, addition, deletion, suspension of use, and provision to third parties of registered personal information You may request the suspension of personal information and the disclosure of records provided to third parties (hereinafter referred to as "disclosure/correction of personal information").

In addition, in the following cases such as disclosure or correction of personal information, if necessary measures have been taken to protect the user's rights and interests and there is no legal obligation to comply, the individual We may not respond to requests for disclosure or correction of information.

    • (1) When there is a risk of harming the life, body, property, or other rights or interests of the user or a third party.
    • (2) In cases where there is a risk of significant hindrance to the proper implementation of our services.
    • (3) In cases where it would violate other laws and regulations.

■ Accuracy of personal information
We strive to accurately process the personal information provided to us. However, users are responsible for ensuring that the personal information they provide is accurate and up-to-date.

■ Restrictions on acquisition of sensitive personal information
As a general rule, our company does not acquire personal information including the following. However, this does not apply if the user provides the information themselves.

    • (1) Matters related to ideology/beliefs and religion
    • (2) Race/ethnicity/other matters that cause social discrimination
    • (3) Workers' right to organize/matters related to collective bargaining and other acts of collective action
    • (4) Matters related to participation in collective industrial action, exercise of the right to petition, and other exercise of political rights

■ Regarding identity verification
, the Company collects personally identifiable information (name/address) when registering as a member for each service, when a member uses the Company's services, when responding to requests for disclosure, correction, deletion, or suspension of use of personal information, etc. / Phone number / Date of birth / Email address / Membership number / Password, etc.) to confirm your identity. However, we will not be responsible if someone other than you obtains and uses information that can identify you.

■ Acquisition and use of attribute information/terminal information/location information/action history, etc.

● About the use of cookies
Our site uses cookies to protect user privacy, improve convenience, deliver advertisements, and obtain statistical data. In addition, we use technologies such as cookies and JavaScript to collect attribute information that cannot identify individuals, such as age, gender, occupation, and region of residence (limited to information that cannot be used in combination to identify individuals). ), device information, the user's action history within this service site (accessed URLs/content/order of reference, etc.), and location information based on the user's consent/application when using a smartphone, etc. (Please note that cookies and behavior history do not contain any personal information.)

● Regarding access logs such as behavior history
When a user logs in and uses this service, our site identifies the individual and uses behavior history from before the login to display advertisements/content, etc. We may distribute/display and provide this service.

● Regarding the use of Google Analytics
Our website uses Google Analytics, an access analysis tool provided by Google.

This Google Analytics uses cookies to collect traffic data, and the information obtained from cookies is based on your browsing history on our site. However, we may display advertising services on our company's and other companies' sites. (Please note that traffic data does not include any personal information.) Cookies obtained through these methods will be managed based on Google's privacy policy and our company's privacy policy.

For an explanation of the Google Analytics Terms of Service, please see the "Google Privacy Policy" and "Google Analytics Terms of Service" sites below. Additionally, to disable the collection of traffic data through cookies, please check your browser settings or visit the opt-out page published below and follow the instructions on that page.

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● Regarding the use of behavioral targeting advertising services
Our site may use behavioral targeting advertising services in order to deliver appropriate advertisements to users.

(Please note that traffic data does not include any personal information.) If you wish to disable behavioral targeting advertising services, please check your browser settings or access the opt-out page published below. and follow the instructions on that page.

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■ Changes to the Privacy Policy
Our company may change the Privacy Policy at any time, unless otherwise required by law. Please check this page for the latest information.

    First edition: 2008.8.7 Established
    Reprint: 2021.3.15 Revised

    Beyond Co., Ltd.
    Representative Director Masahiro Haraoka