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beyond's mind

The importance of server/infrastructure operation

Providing engineer value and technology

Servers/infrastructures are not simply built and delivered to customers and that is the end of the story. The real work begins once the service is up and running.

We believe that servers and infrastructures are "lifelines" that should never be allowed to stop, just like the infrastructure of lifelines in the world, such as water, electricity, and gas.

To ensure the stable operation of services for customers and companies, there are always "people" involved in system operations. Despite advancements in IT technology, such as system automation and infrastructure virtualization, it's still "people" that creates these systems.

The websites, systems, and applications that you often see around the world are protected and supported by Beyond engineers 24/7/365. Server/infrastructure operation is a service that is difficult to see directly, but Beyond's server/infrastructure operation provides the "value of engineers'' as an "power behind the scenes" to our customers, and continues to be needed by our customers. .

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Attitude to continue pursuing “1% possibility”

Continue to be a strong partner for our customers

Beyond is a multi-cloud integrator/managed service provider (MSP), a group of engineers who utilize the latest cloud technologies such as AWS, GCP, and Azure to provide a comprehensive and comprehensive response to our customers.

In addition to traditional server/infrastructure design, construction, and operation, we are constantly updating our technical capabilities by keeping up with the latest technologies such as Infrastructure as Code (IaC), Site Reliability Engineering (SRE), DevOPS, and CI/CD.・We aim to improve operational capabilities.

All of the experience, know-how, and technology we have cultivated up until now is for our customers. We view the issues faced by our customers and companies as beyond challenges, and as partners, we work together to address and think about them, and pursue the stable operation of servers/infrastructure as one of the pillars that support our customers' services.

Based on the rich experience, track record, know-how, and technical capabilities of our engineers, who have faced many challenges in order to give form to our customers' ideas, we have a stable and stable reputation with enthusiasm and speedy responses that do not overlook even 1% of possibilities. We promise our service.

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Server/infrastructure is the same as “building a house”

We think together with our customers from the initial design and construction.

When designing and building Beyond's servers/infrastructure, we place particular emphasis on the "design" and "construction" phases of the work process.

Designing and constructing the underlying server/infrastructure is like building a house, and changing the specifications and design after the server/infrastructure requirements have been finalized will require a significant amount of time and effort for the customer. .

At Beyond, engineers who handle server/infrastructure design and construction participate from the initial hearing stage and decide on the specifications and functions of the required infrastructure, which naturally reduces communication loss.

When it comes to server/infrastructure construction, operation and maintenance, working together with a partner who is an expert in the form of an engineer will shorten the work process and, as a result, lead to lower total budget costs.

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