WordPress cloud server “WebSpeed”

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Achieving high security and high speed

WordPress cloud server ``WebSpeed'' is a managed hosting server dedicated to WordPress that provides standard functions to protect against cyber attacks and speed up site display

With WebSpeed, developed and operated by Beyond, you can focus on building your website

Experience the high-performance WordPress server environment.

Cyber ​​security response
Speed ​​up website display
Reliable flat-rate service usage fee

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◆ Service features of WordPress cloud server “Web Speed” ◆

WordPress cloud server web speed

With the WordPress cloud server "WebSpeed", you can use a tuned and customized WordPress server environment, allowing you to quickly build and publish websites for a wide range of purposes, such as corporate sites, media sites, and e-commerce sites. Masu.

By using WebSpeed, you can smoothly build and operate websites that are important to your business. Cyber ​​attack protection, site display speedup, and automatic backup functions are also provided as standard. You can also leave the site monitoring and operational support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  • Supports cyber attack protection and website display speedup
    cyber attack protection and
    website display speedup
    WebSpeed ​​is comprised of WebSpeed's unique server/infrastructure technology, which supports cyber attack prevention (WAF), site display acceleration (CDN), and automatic backup functions as standard. As it is a service specializing in safe and comfortable WordPress, there is no need for customers to tune or customize from scratch.
  • No need to build or operate servers or security

    No need to build or operate servers or security
    WebSpeed ​​comes pre-installed with WordPress, so you can use the WordPress server environment right away. Server middleware (minor versions) are also updated automatically, so customers can concentrate on building their website without having to worry about servers or security.
  • Monthly service usage fee is a safe fixed rate system
    Monthly service usage fee is
    a safe fixed rate system
    All features are included, including WebSpeed ​​server usage fees, data transfer volume, and 24/7 site monitoring and operation support, so there are no additional fees no matter how much you use it. There is no initial cost required to install a WebSpeed ​​server environment, so you can use low-cost, high-performance WordPress services.

*For details on this service, please check the [ WebSpeed ]

Do you have any “concerns/cases” like this Please consult with us first! ~

  • I don’t know if my current servers and security are optimal
  • I want to entrust security operations such as countermeasures against unauthorized access and backups.
  • I would like to improve the display speed of my website and expect improved performance.
  • There is no one in your company who is familiar with websites and WordPress.
  • A system error is displayed on your website or WordPress
  • The website was defaced due to a cyber attack
  • I want to focus on the original service development and concentrate my business resources.
  • I want to reduce the cost of server management and operation as much as possible.
  • There is a problem with the current server environment, so I would like you to improve the operation.
  • I want advice that takes into account system requirements, environment, and use cases.

◆ Service specifications and functions of WordPress cloud server “Web Speed” ◆

In order to improve the convenience of building websites using WordPress, the WordPress cloud server "WebSpeed" offers unique service functions such as faster site display, protection against cyber attacks, and fixed monthly service fees. We are prepared.

Beyond, which has solved numerous cloud/server construction and operation issues, is leveraging its extensive technical capabilities and know-how in cloud/server construction and operation to develop WebSpeed's unique infrastructure platform. We provide a WordPress server environment made up of technology.

● WordPress preinstalled image icon

● WordPress preinstalled

Since you can use an environment with WordPress already installed from the beginning, you can immediately start creating your website from the WordPress administration screen. There is no need for complex server, database, domain, SSL, etc. settings.

● Standard implementation of CDN/WAF functions Image icon

● Standard implementation of WAF/CDN functions

WAF and CDN functions necessary to strengthen website security and speed up site display are provided as standard, so additional functions are required to use functions such as cyber attack defense function and site display caching function. No fee is required.

● Middleware automatic update image icon

● Middleware automatic update

Middleware updates are essential to maintaining robust security. Automatic middleware (minor version) updates keep security always up-to-date. You can also rely on us to automatically back up your WordPress.

● Optional PHP version image icon

● Optional PHP version selection

When applying for WebSpeed ​​service, you can optionally specify one of two PHP versions (8.1 or 8.2). We will set the PHP version on your server that matches the specifications and environment of your website.

● Free SSL certificate image icon

● Free SSL certificate provided

WebSpeed ​​uses SSL certificates for free and automatically renews them, so there is no need for complicated renewal work. Of course, depending on the requirements and specifications of the website, it is also possible to install an SSL certificate by bringing your own (BYOL).

● Data transfer amount No pay-as-you-go charge Image icon

● Data transfer amount: No pay-as-you-go charge

Because WebSpeed ​​runs on its own server/infrastructure, there is no pay-per-use charge or exchange rate for monthly data transfer amount associated with website access and traffic, which is the case with traditional cloud server services. .

*For details on this service, please check the [ WebSpeed ]