Canada IT Startup Business Co-Creation Program

About “Canada IT Startup Business Co-Creation Program”

In order for a Canadian IT startup company to expand its business/services to Japan and Asia, Beyond, Otafuku Lab, and Vertex Partners will collaborate and collaborate to create new services together with the Canadian IT startup company. This is a global business co-creation program.

By providing total support for funding, resourcing, expansion in Japan and Asia, and technical collaboration, we aim to make IT services around the world even richer and more convenient.

About Canada's IT startup environment

Currently, in Canada, there is a remarkable rise in the number of companies engaged in the development and provision of various IT businesses and IT services, and there are many growth areas for the IT industry.

The reason for this is an environment that satisfies the following three noteworthy points.

● 1. AI pioneers gather
In 2018, AI pioneers such as Jeffrey Hinton and Joshua Bengio, who won the Turing Award, also known as the "Nobel Prize of AI," and are considered to be one of the fathers of deep learning. There are many pioneers, and there are many organizations in which not only the pioneers themselves but also their students participate.

● 2. Abundant ICT growth areas
In areas such as Toronto, Waterloo, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City, and Vancouver, cutting-edge technologies such as not only AI but also fintech, big data, and autonomous vehicles are being developed. .

● 3. Government/university support for startups
Not only are there many types of subsidies provided by the government, but there are also many accelerators sponsored by universities.

Support scheme for Canadian IT startup companies

The Canadian IT Startup Business Co-Creation Program (hereinafter referred to as the Program) allows you to expand into Japan and Asia, as well as access funding, human resources, strategy, and technology support, and quickly build a global funding and expansion support system. Masu.

Support conditions for this program

◆ An IT startup company based in Canada
◆ An IT startup company with an office base in Canada

*IT startup companies that meet any of the conditions are eligible for support under this program.

Fields covered by this program

◇ AI (Artificial Intelligence) / Machine Learning
◇ Big Data (Data Engineering / Data Science)
◇ Cybersecurity
◇ Cloud Services
◇ IoT / Sensors
◇ Blockchain
◇ Robotics
◇ SRE / DevOPS ・・・etc

*Canadian IT startup companies that are involved in the IT field, such as those mentioned above, are eligible for support under this program.

Role of each company in this program

Beyond Co., Ltd.  ~ Based in the Toronto area, supporting the discovery and research of AI startups, collaboration and infrastructure construction for expansion in Japan ~ -
Utilizing the location of Beyond GTA Inc., a local subsidiary (wholly owned subsidiary) of Beyond We will catch up on information on the East Coast of North America, which is relatively difficult to access.

Otafuku lab Co., Ltd.
~ Responsible for AI technical support, technology evaluation, and support for technology collaboration partner matching in Japan ~

Vertex Partners Co., Ltd.
~ Financing, resourcing (human resources) strategy support, marketing and sales, support for expansion in Japan and Asia ~

Supplementary information about this program

〇 We will discuss the detailed terms and conditions of the Canadian IT Startup Business Co-Creation Program separately.
〇 There is a screening process in advance for participation in the Canadian IT Startup Business Co-Creation Program.
Depending on the results of the screening, you may be ineligible for support. 〇If we receive a large number of applications from Canadian IT startup companies, we may close the business co-creation program without prior notice.
〇 Depending on the IT company's industry/conditions, we may refuse your request.
〇Depending on the content of your inquiry, we may not be able to respond.
Please note. inquiry