Automatic website monitoring service “Appmill”

About automatic website monitoring service “Appmill”

The automatic website monitoring service ``Appmill'' is a cloud-based website monitoring service that automatically checks that your website is operating correctly, comfortably, and safely 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

We have the experience and track record of "infrastructure engineering" that we have accumulated to ensure that you can use services and content such as websites with peace of mind, as well as our experienced engineers who have faced many problems that occur with content. Developed by making full use of our technical capabilities and know-how.

To use Appmill, all you need to register as a member is an ``email address'' and ``password.'' Just register the URL of the website you want to check, and Appmill will immediately notify you of any website issues.

Appmill service features

● 1. It only takes 5 minutes from registration to start monitoring. Monitor up to 11 items without detailed settings

This service was born from the server engineer team's desire to make website management as easy as possible In addition to being fully functional, we are strongly committed to providing services that are easy to use.

Appmill offers two types of plans: the "Free Plan (free)" which is easy to start using, and the "Security Complete Plan (paid)" with enhanced security checks.

● 2. Registration of "100URL" is 0 yen. Practical use is possible even with the free plan

We provide practical functions from the free plan that overturn the common sense that "free plan = trial". Even with the free plan, you can monitor 100 URLs, so you can try it out and put it to practical use right away.

This reflects our desire to create a service that not only allows many people to try it, but that they continue to use it for a long time.

● 3. Because it is a service developed by a group of server/network professionals, you can enjoy safe and secure quality.

Appmill is a collection of functions implemented as a result of determining ``What functions are really necessary for website monitoring?''

This service was developed by making full use of the "infrastructure engineering" experience, achievements, technical capabilities, and know-how of experienced engineers who have faced numerous problems that occur with web services and content.

You can choose the monitoring plan that suits your needs.

Appmill offers a free plan (free) that allows you to monitor life and death and manage domain deadlines, and a ``Security Complete Plan (paid)'' that allows you to operate a safer site with security checks.

Plan/Features Free plan (free) Security complete plan (paid)
Initial installation cost 0 Yen 0 Yen
Monthly usage fee 0 Yen 9,800 yen / 1URL (10,780 yen including tax)
Communication status check
Display speed check
Status code check
Domain expiration date check
SSL certificate expiration date check
Scenario monitoring during error
HTML difference comparison -
Snapshot comparison -
Anti-malware -
Social engineering measures -
Broken link check -
Alert notification (phone/SMS)* Separate option

*New features will be added and updated from time to time.
Please note that specifications and functions may change without prior notice. Please note.