Data backup service (Acronis Backup Cloud)

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◆ Back up all important system data ◆

Acronis Backup Cloud (Acronis) is equipped with the latest anti-ransomware technology and backs up entire systems and data in any environment, regardless of whether it is physical, virtual, on-premises, or cloud, in units of OS (machine images). A cloud-based backup service that provides protection

Acronis Backup Cloud connects remotely over the Internet and automatically backs up your data to cloud storage according to a schedule you specify.

With highly flexible, scalable storage and simple backup management, it can easily accommodate expanding data usage and evolving infrastructure, safely protecting the data assets owned by customers and companies.

In addition, since it is a cloud-based backup service that charges for usage of the data actually backed up, there is no excessive initial investment such as infrastructure construction, and it can be used for immediate BCP / DR measures.

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◆ Features of Acronis Backup Cloud ◆

Acronis Backup Cloud uses AI and machine learning (ML)-based technology to actively protect your data from ransomware attacks, ensure data availability, and provide fast data recovery.

In addition to physical/virtual server environments such as Windows, Oracle, and Linux, we can backup and restore all systems and applications, including cloud environments such as Microsoft Azure VM and Amazon EC2. It is also possible to perform a backup by specifying storage in a domestic or overseas region as the backup destination region (data center).

Cloud backup (Acronis Backup Cloud)

◆ About Beyond's Acronis Backup Cloud construction and operation services ◆

With Beyond's Acronis Backup Cloud construction and operation service, we will listen to your backup requirements, current issues, and concerns about implementation, and provide the optimal plan for you. After implementing Acronis Backup Cloud service, we will provide a help desk regarding backup settings and functions to support customers in backing up their important data.

  • Agent
    issue/installation support

  • Add/change backup schedule
  • Backup data
    restoration support

◆ Benefits of implementing Acronis Backup Cloud ◆

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By starting the system directly from backup storage, you can speed up the process of obtaining backup data and recovering/restoring it.

There is no need to purchase or work on relay servers or appliances to obtain or restore backup data. Image backups of server/cloud environments can be saved directly from the Internet to Acronis Backup Cloud at high speed using unique disk imaging technology.

Highly compress block data

Highly compress block data that is incremented by backups and eliminate redundant and duplicate data.

Acronis True Image, a unique snapshot technology, allows you to quickly and completely restore data from OS images (machine images), significantly reducing network bandwidth and storage capacity. Acronis Backup Cloud has much more practical backup specifications and functions than traditional backup services.

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Since it is a cloud-based pay-as-you-go model service, you can use the backup service immediately.

The initial construction of a backup server and capital investment are zero, and the pay-as-you-go model allows you to use only what you need when you need it, so you can immediately set up backups for your system. We also flexibly respond to schedule changes and settings after backup data has been acquired.