Please tell me about the process of system development.

By participating in the planning stage of the web services/systems that our customers require, we centralize all the work processes necessary for system development, from initial requirements hearing to system design, implementation, testing, and post-release operation and maintenance. We are able to develop systems reliably and at minimum cost.

◆ Development phase ◆ ◆ Main work contents ◆
① Hearing/Requirements definition This is the process of identifying (defining) the system requirements, such as how to realize the services/content desired by the customer. Engineers participate from the initial concept stage and work together with the customer to consider and decide on system specifications.
② Basic design (external design) This is the process of designing UI/UX, which determines performance such as system/application operability and efficiency based on defined system specifications/functional requirements. We design systems that are stress-free and easy to use for users.
③ Detailed design (internal design) We design the structure (functions and operations) of the system/application. We design the programming language used for development, determine the server/database/API linkage configuration, and take into account maintainability after production release.
④ Program development/implementation In line with the specifications determined in ① to ③ above, we will develop and construct the system/application configuration necessary by making full use of programming languages ​​such as PHP and infrastructure (server/database) technology such as AWS.
⑤ Unit test This is the process of testing whether the functions of each program (system/application) implemented in ④ above work on an individual basis (unit). We verify that there are no program defects or bugs, and that functions operate correctly.
⑥ Integration test The multiple program units verified in ⑤ above are combined into one group and continued testing and verification. During this integration testing process, we also verify that there are no defects or bugs, and that the software is operating normally.
⑦ Comprehensive test We test the entire developed system, including the system/application and server/database/API. We verify that the developed system/application works as a finished product for actual use.
⑧ Operational test (carried out by customer) This is the process before delivering and releasing the system/application. This is the final test when customers and users actually use the system/application to confirm that it operates and functions in accordance with the expected system requirements.
⑨ System migration (production release) After verifying the quality of the system/application through the test steps ⑤ to ⑧ above, we move the system to the production environment. After that, it will be released (published) to customers, service users, and the market, and the service will begin.
⑩ Operation and maintenance *Optional We provide daily operation and maintenance support to ensure stable operation of systems/applications and infrastructure after delivery and release. We respond to unexpected system troubles and ongoing system maintenance and updates.

* The above system development process and work content is an example of the "waterfall format".

Depending on the genre of the system being developed, some services/content may be released in stages and continuously, rather than all system/application functionality being released at once.

For system development that involves such requirements, the "Agile style" development method may be suitable. Please contact us separately for details.

● Web system / application development
● Server side development (API / DB)