Can you help me with load testing on cloud/server?

Yes, Beyond uses Apache JMeter to create and execute test plan scenario files (jmx files) either at the customer or at Beyond, and supports load testing that assumes the load of the production environment.

◇ Load test/support work process

1. Define expected load and performance goals
2. Design the load test (throughput goals, etc.)
3. Create the load test scenario
4. Build the load test environment
5. Implement the load test
6. Review and investigate the load test
7 .Creating materials for load test results

◇ If the goal is not reached, continue the steps below until the goal is achieved.

・Checking and correcting any problems with the load test design
・Checking and correcting any problems with program implementation, server settings, and database design

*This service requires a separate charge for load testing. Please see below for details.

● Load testing service “Fukamill”