SSL certificate acquisition/management

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◆ Why encrypted communication (SSL/TLS) for the entire website is necessary ◆

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a mechanism that encrypts information on the Internet when connecting to the Internet between a server and a user, thereby proving that services such as websites can be used safely.

information it is necessary to support "always on SSL/TLS" (always on SSL), which displays the entire website using the HTTPS protocol. In order to establish "encrypted communication," it is necessary to obtain an SSL certificate and install the SSL certificate on the server.

By encrypting the communication of the entire website, a "key mark" and "https://" indicating secure communication will be displayed in the URL part of web browsers such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Safari, and the website will be protected. The purpose is to provide peace of mind to users.

SSL certificate acquisition/management

◆ “Advantages” and “disadvantages” of installing an SSL certificate ◆

“Advantages” of supporting always-on SSL sites

▲ "Advantages" of always supporting SSL sites ▲

● Provides a safe browsing environment for website users
- Prevents eavesdropping and tampering of communication content, and improves website security.

It will be easier to receive preferential treatment in search engine display rankings
・If the website has the same content in “http” and “https”, the effect of ranking signals will make it easier for the “https” website to be given preferential treatment in the search display ranking. Therefore, it is effective from a search engine perspective.

Easier to collect information on site access
・As it becomes easier to collect referrer information such as access sources and search keywords, it is also useful from the perspective of SEO measures and website analysis/marketing.

Disadvantages of leaving a site without SSL installed

▼ "Disadvantages" of leaving a site without SSL installed ▼

● Decline in corporate brand power
● Possible decrease in company sales
● Security concerns such as website error display
● Loss of opportunities for web promotion (increase in website abandonment rate, etc.)
● Penalties from search engines (domain blacklisting) Registration/SEO decline, etc.)

◆ We support the acquisition and installation of various SSL certificates ◆

Beyond handles a wide range of SSL certificate brands and certification levels, including "domain certification," "company entity certification," "EV certification," and "wildcard." We provide all-in-one support for a series of tasks, from obtaining an SSL certificate that meets your needs to installing and configuring it on your server.

When the validity period of an SSL certificate approaches, we provide full support by notifying customers in advance to ensure that the SSL certificate does not fail to be renewed or expires. We also support bringing your own SSL certificate (BYOL), so please feel free to contact us.

  • SSL certificate application/CSR creation
  • SSL certificate issuance/installation
  • Restart Apache/Nginx etc.
  • SSL certificate renewal
  • 301 forwarding/HSTS
    redirect settings

  • Modification of link/path description
    of HTML/CSS source code *Option
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Frequently asked questions regarding SSL certificate acquisition and management

Can you also manage the purchase, acquisition, and renewal of domains and SSL certificates?

Can you also manage the purchase, acquisition, and renewal of domains and SSL certificates?

Yes, we have a variety of domains and SSL certificates. Of course, we also accept installation and renewal of SSL certificates on cloud/servers.

● Domain/DNS acquisition/management
● SSL certificate acquisition/management

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