Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion Declaration

~Becoming an organization that mutually recognizes diversity, utilizes and nurtures individual strengths, and creates new value~

Beyond Co., Ltd. has the very concept of diversity and inclusion, which is ``utilizing the diversity and creativity of individuals in management,'' as its corporate philosophy of ``creating and supporting together.''

In an ever-changing environment, our basic policy of action is to create an environment in which our diverse workforce can respect each other and thrive with peace of mind.

Specific initiatives

Launch of diversity and inclusion promotion project

Launch of diversity and inclusion promotion project

As part of our new management strategy, the Diversity & Inclusion Promotion Project aims to create the best working environment in which all employees have diverse backgrounds and can strive for self-fulfillment.

Additionally, by respecting different perspectives, ideas, and cultures, we can generate innovation and growth. We will actively promote diversity and inclusion in order to increase the company's competitiveness and improve the happiness of our employees.

Promoting diverse work styles

Promoting diverse work styles

At Beyond, we are working to promote diverse work styles that suit modern lifestyles.

We respect the individual work-life balance of our employees and aim to create an environment where employees can work with peace of mind.

・For details on work-from-home system
, flextime work system
, inter-site work system
, workation system
, side job/part-time job system
, freedom of clothing/hair style,

and other initiatives related to work style reform, please see below.


Initiatives related to LGBTQ+

Initiatives related to LGBTQ+

In accordance with our Diversity & Inclusion Declaration, Beyond is implementing the following initiatives to promote understanding of LGBTQ+ people.

- Dissemination of information to deepen understanding of LGBTQ+ issues within the company
- Revision of rules to take sexual minorities into consideration
- Application of a partner system (regardless of gender)
- Creation of a gender-neutral work environment where employees can freely dress and style
- Employees

We aim to contribute to society as a company that respects diversity and inclusion by establishing a consultation desk for employees and accepting consultations regarding sexual minorities

Promotion of women's empowerment

Promotion of women's empowerment

We are promoting an environment where people can play an active role regardless of their gender, so that no one will give up on career advancement just because they are a woman.

Because we respect the ideas of our employees, it is possible for them to become managers if they wish. By promoting internal systems, we are working to provide company-wide support for life events such as pregnancy and childbirth. We aim to be a company where women can realize their careers while being close to the events and concerns unique to women.

Support for balancing work and family

Support for balancing work and family

We are working to enhance our systems with the aim of creating an environment where employees can balance work with childcare and nursing care, regardless of gender.

Regarding childcare, we are working to encourage the use of childcare leave by holding regular information sessions for employees. Furthermore, in the area of ​​nursing care, we are creating an environment that makes it easier for employees who require nursing care to work, such as expanding the number of people eligible for family allowances.

Initiatives for SDGs

Initiatives for SDGs

Our company the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and declares that we will work towards achieving the SDGs.

Creating a rewarding work environment regardless of job type or gender

  • Health and well-being for all
  • Let's achieve gender equality
  • Decent work and economic growth
  • Eliminate inequality between people and people

We are striving to create a work environment where all employees feel motivated and can perform better.

We focus on achieving a work-life balance that allows employees to balance work and private life, regardless of gender or job type. Specifically, we have introduced flexible work styles such as flextime and remote work, and have established leave and systems for childbirth, childcare, and nursing care. We are also working to enhance career advancement systems and develop training and support systems to improve skills so that our employees can demonstrate their abilities and grow. We aim to increase the job satisfaction and productivity of our employees by continuously improving the working environment.

Creating a rich communication society through business

  • Let's create a foundation for industry and technological innovation
  • Achieve your goals with partnership

We are working to build important infrastructure for the information society and building highly reliable systems together with our customers.

We also recognize the importance of human resource development in IT, and are focusing on the education and development of young engineers. Through cloud operation and development and the development of IT human resources, we aim to promote a sustainable industry that supports communication infrastructure, create a rich communication society, and contribute to society.

Supporting employee skill improvement and providing high-quality education

  • Quality education for everyone
  • Decent work and economic growth

We are promoting multidisciplinary work by sharing work content within departments, and are focusing on human resource development and skill improvement.

Senior employees with a wealth of knowledge and experience serve as instructors to enhance the training of new employees. We have created an environment where employees can freely learn the knowledge and know-how essential to their work, including support for acquiring qualifications and the cost of participating in external seminars.

Initiatives that are close to the earth, such as measures to prevent global warming through power saving, etc.

  • Energy for everyone and clean
  • Take concrete measures to combat climate change

We strive to save electricity on a daily basis and reduce energy loss.

We are working to reduce greenhouse gases, which are thought to be a cause of global warming, by setting the office indoor temperature to the recommended temperature. We are also promoting paperless documents used in our work.

For details on other initiatives related to SDGs, please see below.


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