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◆ About application vulnerability diagnosis service ◆

The threat of cyber attacks is becoming more complex and sophisticated every day, and the damage caused by cyber attacks is rapidly increasing in Japan. In response, companies are increasing their investment in security.

In light of the current situation where it is becoming difficult to protect many information assets, it has become to effectively implement security investments. Measures are desired.

The Vulnerability Diagnosis Service detects vulnerable points that are difficult to recognize by inspecting the security status of systems and networks from a third-party perspective. a shortcut .

At Beyond, we provide security diagnostic services that incorporate the latest advanced technology in response to the increasing threat of cyber attacks. We support a wide range of security enhancement measures, including website/application diagnosis, API diagnosis, smartphone application diagnosis, cloud platform diagnosis, and penetration testing.

Vulnerability diagnosis service

◆ Application vulnerability diagnosis service plan ◆

Malicious hackers are leveraging sophisticated programs and attack tools to attack corporate systems and steal data, and more regular and ongoing security measures are needed to combat ever-evolving cyberattacks. Needs reinforcement.

To address these various security issues, our white hackers and security engineers who are familiar with the latest cyber attacks provide advanced security diagnostic services that utilize industry-leading technology. For each plan, we will conduct a security diagnosis based on test items that comply with standards such as OWASP, IPA, and PCI DSS.

Web application diagnostics

① Web application diagnosis

This is a service that remotely provides comprehensive vulnerability diagnosis by combining automatic diagnosis using a unique AI tool and advanced manual diagnosis. While maintaining quality using our proprietary tools that utilize AI, we enable security engineers to examine vulnerabilities more deeply, providing high quality that assumes realistic attacks and vulnerability diagnosis in a short period of time. Masu.

Smartphone app diagnosis

② Smartphone app diagnosis

We comprehensively diagnose vulnerabilities and the possibility of intrusion, including smartphone apps and server APIs, and ensure the security of apps that are updated frequently. Our unique AI tools also detect vulnerabilities that cannot be discovered by code analysis alone, such as effectively detecting embedded malicious libraries and frequently updated malicious code files.

Platform diagnostics

③ Platform diagnosis

It detects the OS and processes running on the server, and enumerates the risks that exist in the diagnostic target, without putting as much load on the running system as possible. We comprehensively diagnose servers, routers, firewalls, PCs, IoT devices, etc. that provide services via the network. Of course, we can also diagnose the cloud environment he is using, such as AWS, Azure, or GCP.

penetration test

④ Penetration test

White-hat hackers with the latest knowledge find vulnerable points using methods that combine multiple vulnerabilities that simulate actual attacks, and verify from various perspectives whether attacks are actually possible. In addition to focusing on single vulnerabilities, we comprehensively conduct diagnostics based on scenarios, such as investigations that assume security tool bypasses and investigations from a business logic perspective.

*The above vulnerability diagnosis service plan is an example. If you would like vulnerability diagnosis items other than those listed above, please contact us separately.

Do you have any “concerns/cases” like this Please consult with us first! ~

  • There are concerns about the security of your company's website or system.
  • I want to prevent the possibility of system tampering or leakage.
  • We are releasing a new service and want to diagnose it in a short period of time.
  • I want to check if there is any malware lurking in the software.
  • I want to check whether there are any problems with the middleware version.
  • I want to understand if there is any unauthorized access or use of the system.
  • I would like advice on systems that take security enhancement into consideration.
  • I would like to undergo vulnerability testing by an external security expert.
  • I would like to receive proposals for security services such as WAF/IPS/IDS.
  • I want to leave future security management and update support to you.

◆ Application vulnerability diagnosis service implementation flow ◆

We anticipate a timeline of 7 to 30 business days from requesting a vulnerability diagnosis to completing the work and submitting the report. Additionally, as after-sales support, we also conduct re-examinations after the vulnerabilities have been fixed, depending on the results detected in the vulnerability diagnosis.

  1. hearing

    1. Hearing
    We listen to the number of FQDNs or APIs that are subject to diagnosis, and perform crawling on websites and applications. After that, we will confirm the scope and volume of diagnostic work and adjust the schedule.
  2. Preparation for diagnostic work

    2. Preparation for diagnostic work
    After filling out the necessary information on the hearing sheet and agreeing to the precautions, we will set exclusions for functions such as FW / WAF / IPS / CDN installed in the environment to be diagnosed, and confirm access to the environment in advance. .
  3. Start of diagnostic work

    3. Start of diagnostic work
    Based on the items in the interview sheet and scenario filled out in advance, we will perform a comprehensive vulnerability assessment to identify potential risks using both tool and manual diagnosis methods.
  4. Report creation

    4. Report creation
    We will create a report based on the results of the vulnerability diagnosis. The languages ​​displayed in the report are Japanese, English, and Chinese (simplified characters / traditional characters). *Chinese is available as a separate option.
  5. Work completion report

    5. Work completion report
    We will send you a vulnerability diagnosis report that includes the vulnerability risk level, vulnerability details, assumed threats, countermeasures, etc. In response to customer requests, we hold debriefing sessions and reviews of vulnerability diagnosis results.
  6. After-sales support

    6. After-sales support
    After the customer has corrected the areas detected by the vulnerability assessment, we will reschedule and re-examine the vulnerability assessment according to your request. (There are limits to the number and period of re-inspections.)

◆ Other vulnerability diagnosis services ◆

Website security automatic diagnosis “Quick Scanner”

Website security automatic diagnosis “Quick Scanner”

This is a low-cost, easy-to-use automatic website diagnosis service equipped with unique security diagnosis technology. Just by sharing the domain (FQDN) of the website you are using, we will quickly diagnose the website you are using. After the security diagnosis is completed, we will examine the details of the diagnosis and provide a report of the diagnosis results.

Cloud-based web application vulnerability diagnosis “VAddy”

Cloud-based web application vulnerability diagnosis “VAddy”

After registering the host to be inspected, simply record the URL and parameters of the screen you want to inspect in VAddy, and vulnerability diagnosis corresponding to realistic threats will be executed. Since it is possible to quickly inspect only parts of a web application where functions have been added or modified, vulnerability diagnosis can be completed in a short period of time, even for large-scale web applications.

AI type/manual type security diagnosis service “RayAegis”

AI type/manual type security diagnosis service “RayAegis”

Combining the world's most advanced security and AI technology, we use a database containing proprietary information synchronized with the U.S. government to efficiently detect whether a website or application has been hacked or to detect unknown vulnerabilities such as zero-days. We provide security services that meet the strictest international standards.

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