[AWS construction, operation and maintenance] Health information media server | Isay Pharmacy

HELiCO planned and operated by Aisei Pharmacy Co., Ltd. , disseminates correct, evidence-based health information in a positive and easy-to-understand manner, focusing on the areas of prevention and pre-symptomatic disease. It's an online media.

When establishing the media, Amazon Web Services (AWS) , and Beyond handles cloud/server construction, operation, maintenance, and monitoring (24 hours a day, 365 days a year).

Company Name Isei Pharmacy Co., Ltd.
Business details ● Dispensing pharmacy business
● Store promotion business
● Medical mall development business
● Clinic opening support/management support business
● Management collaboration/business succession business
● Job change support/dispatch business for pharmacists
● Nursing care welfare business
● Independence support business for people with disabilities
Purpose of use Health information media “ HELiCO
server environment Amazon Web Services (AWS)