[VPS construction, operation and maintenance] Consolidate multiple sites into a new server environment | Surara Net

Surara , a service developed by Surara Net Co., Ltd., is a service that helps students learn five subjects from elementary school to high school: Japanese, arithmetic/mathematics, English, science, and social studies, along with an animated character who plays the role of a teacher. This is an adaptive ICT teaching material that allows you to progress according to your level of understanding.

With the lecture, drill, and test functions, the cycle of understanding → retention → application is repeated according to each person's proficiency level, making it possible to achieve one-stop retention of learning content. Taking advantage of the feature that students can learn independently even in fields they are learning for the first time, its use is expanding to elementary, junior high, and high schools, higher education institutions, cram schools, and after-school day services.

At Beyond, we have adopted a VPS (Virtual Private Server) as a new server environment to replace the infrastructure that runs various websites planned and operated by Surara Net Co., Ltd.

For this project, we provided server design and construction, server data migration, 24/7 operational maintenance/monitoring support, and technical support such as adding new site areas.

Company Name Surara Net Co., Ltd.
Business details Provision of educational services through e-learning and operation consulting
Marketing promotion and website management
Purpose of use Server for multiple sites
server environment VPS (Virtual Private Server)
Services used Cloud / Server design and construction
Cloud / Server operation maintenance and monitoring (24 hours a day, 365 days a year)
Cloud / Server migration / Migration