Web application security course|Fuji Electric

Fuji Electric Co., Ltd. , founded in 1923 (Taisho 12), is a comprehensive electronics manufacturer active in the fields of energy, industry, semiconductors, and food distribution, with power electronics technology at its core.

Inheriting the technological genes we have cultivated over our 100-year history, we have created products and systems that can efficiently utilize electrical and thermal energy, and have worked to solve social and environmental issues.

We will continue to innovate energy and environmental technologies and aim to realize a safe, secure, and sustainable society.

Fuji Electric is promoting the dissemination of deeper security knowledge and technical education to strengthen system security and improve the quality of web applications by addressing vulnerabilities.

Against this background, we asked Beyond to conduct a project for Fuji Electric's internal members, including various countermeasure points such as knowledge of cyber attacks, collection of vulnerability information, server/database management, etc. In addition, we held a security course on web application development and operation.

Company Name Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.
Business details Energy business: Power generation plants, substation systems, EMS, etc.
Industry business: Automation, social solutions, IT solutions, etc.
Semiconductor business: Various power semiconductors
Food distribution business: Vending machines, store distribution, etc.
Services used Web application security course