[Introducing Wasabi] Object storage | Keio University Educational Corporation

Keio Gijuku Educational Corporation began in 1858 as a Dutch school (Japan's oldest private comprehensive school) opened by Yukichi Fukuzawa in Edo. It has been over 160 years since its founding, and currently has the longest history in Japan, with schools ranging from elementary school to university and graduate school, producing many talented individuals.

Wasabi object storage was adopted and introduced to back up data in the server (on-premises) environment used by Keio University's Hiyoshi Information Technology Center (ITC). By using Wasabi to back up data whose data capacity is increasing year by year, we are achieving low cost and high availability.

school name Keio University Educational Corporation
Business details ・Various projects related to research, education, and medical care, including Keio University,
and a high school, junior high school, and elementary school as an integrated educational school
Purpose of use Data backup for server (on-premises) environment
server environment Wasabi object storage