[Web system development] Cloud reservation system | Internet & manga cafe DiCE

Internet & Manga Cafe DiCE is a manga cafe (Internet cafe) that operates mainly in the Kanto region. In addition to comics, magazines, and drinks, we also feature comfortable reclining seats and private rooms where you don't have to worry about other people around you.

The number of seats, booth formats, and available packs (prices) vary by store, and each seat has its own detailed optional information, such as whether smoking is allowed, PC specs, karaoke machine models, dart machine models, e-sports exclusive seats, etc. We have achieved this through our reservation system. In addition, by linking with the store's POS register, we obtain information such as actual booth availability.

By encouraging users of internet cafes to make online reservations in advance, stores can also keep track of usage status and booth availability, reducing the burden of reservation work.

Additionally, the number of human hours required for staff to take reservations over the phone has been reduced, and operational errors have also been reduced.

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Store name/brand name Internet & Manga Cafe DiCE
* Operating company:
Disc City Entertainment Co., Ltd.
Business details
Planning and operation of internet cafes, manga cafes, eSports cafes,
Services used Cloud-based reservation system EDISONE
*Customized plan