[Azure construction, operation and maintenance] 8x9craft (Hack Craft) server | Meiko Network Japan (Meiko Gijuku)

``8x9craft' ' is the curriculum of the programming class ``MEIKO CODELAB'' operated by Meiko Network Japan Co., Ltd. (Meiko Gijuku) .
We are responsible for the construction of this cloud/server and the operation, maintenance, and monitoring 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

* "8x9craft (Hack Craft)" is a Minecraft mod application provided by
Hack Co.

The ``8x9craft'' platform for Meiko Network Japan (Meiko Gijuku) is running on Microsoft Azure It has come true.

By separating the login function (App Service) and Minecraft (Virtual Machine) function, the infrastructure configuration ensures the security and system availability of the 8x9craft (Hack Craft) authentication infrastructure.

8x9craft (Hack Craft) required excellent responsiveness and constant connectivity due to the application specifications, and the application needed to store ever-increasing data and users needed to be able to access data in milliseconds, so we decided to use a database
. uses "Cosmos DB". This makes it possible to respond to large changes during expected peak hours.

Company Name Meiko Network Japan Co., Ltd.
Business details ●Operation of “ Meiko Gijuku ” (Japan’s first private instruction school)
●Operation of “Waseda Academy Individual Education Center” (individual instruction school for high academic ability students)
●Management of “Study Club” (next-generation individual instruction school using ICT)

Operation of an independent learning cram school
with an individually optimized curriculum using AI ● “Tyotto Juku”
Operation of a coaching-type one-on-one individual instruction school specializing in university entrance exams...etc.
Purpose of use Programming class curriculum
“8x9craft” server
server environment Microsoft Azure