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Despite frequent instantaneous increases in the number of accesses, stable system operation determines quality evaluation. A typical example of such a service is a mobile game. TOSE Co., Ltd., one of the largest game development companies in Japan, has introduced Beyond's "server support . We asked Mr. Sakurai of the company about the effects of introducing the system.

Realizes a system that can withstand instantaneous increases in access

From Tose Sakurai

Please tell us about the background to the introduction of "Server Support".

Our company, which will celebrate its 40th anniversary next year, originally focused on developing software for consumer games. The weight of mobile games has been gradually increasing over the past two or three years. That is the reason behind its introduction. Unlike consumer games, where the work is completed by developing and delivering the software, in the case of mobile games, the real deal comes after the software is delivered. The key to acquiring users is how consistently you can operate the game when access suddenly increases immediately after release or during an event. If users experience stress such as ``unable to access'' or ``slow operation'', they will definitely ``leave the site''. No matter how interesting or good the game is, it's no good. For mobile games, stable server operation is extremely important. For this reason, we decided to introduce "server support."

What effects have you experienced from implementing it?

The biggest effect is that stable game operations can be achieved 24 hours a day, 365 days a year at low cost. Since engineers specializing in operation are on hand to monitor the system, we are able to discuss countermeasures with Beyond in advance for events, TV commercials, etc., and together we are able to build a system that can withstand the rapid increase in access speed. The stable operation of the server provides support and makes it easier to plan the next promotion. This is truly a positive spiral.

Another big effect is that engineers no longer have to worry about troubleshooting as they used to. You can concentrate on your core business: content development. As a result, I feel that the productivity of our engineers has doubled.

How do you plan to develop your business in the future by utilizing "Server Support"?

Currently, our company's mobile game business is centered on Japan, but in the future we will strengthen our business development worldwide. However, as the scale increases, a single problem can have a fatal impact. As the graphics of games themselves continue to evolve, more stable server operations are required than ever before. I would like to further deepen our relationship with Beyond, whose engineers provide close and generous support.

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