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◆ Multi-cloud compatible cloud billing agency and implementation support ◆

When using cloud services, Beyond offers , including payment agency that allows you to pay invoices denominated in dollars in yen, advice and support on how to use cloud services before and after implementation. Cloud billing agency and implementation support service. We will respond to your requests regarding the cloud services you use.

We will respond to your requests regarding the cloud services you use, such as ``company regulations require bill payments in Japanese yen'' or ``I would like advice on various cloud services

Since our founding, we use the technical capabilities and know-how we have cultivated through large-scale server/infrastructure construction, operation and maintenance to back up our customers' use of cloud services.

* Various services such as cloud/server design/construction/migration, 24/7 operation/maintenance/monitoring are available as separate options.

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Do you have any “concerns/cases” like this Please consult with us first! ~

  • Due to company regulations, credit card payments are not possible.
  • I want to change from credit card payment to bill payment
  • I would like to be billed in yen instead of dollars.
  • I want to use the cloud while keeping costs as low as possible.
  • I want to consolidate billing for multiple cloud services at once.
  • I want advice and support before introducing cloud
  • Even after implementing the cloud, I want support that supports Japanese.
  • I want to focus on the original service development and concentrate my business resources.
  • I want advice that takes into account system requirements, environment, and use cases.
  • In the first place, there is no one in the company who is familiar with cloud/servers.

◆ What can be achieved with Beyond's cloud billing agency and implementation support service ◆

Support for selection and implementation of various clouds Image icons

● Various cloud selection and implementation support

We support the selection and implementation of various clouds/servers that support multi-cloud, from overseas-made mega clouds such as AWS and GCP to domestic clouds such as IDCF Cloud and IIJ GIO. We are able to support the implementation of various clouds/servers without being limited to specific clouds/servers.

Cloud resale/billing agency image icon

● Cloud resale/billing agency

If you are unable to accept credit card payments due to your company policy, you can use Beyond's billing agency (Japanese yen). Additionally, if you use multiple cloud services, Beyond can bill you all at once.

Cloud function/configuration support image icon

● Cloud function/configuration support

Cloud services are updated very quickly, and service functions and manners vary depending on the cloud service provider. Beyond, which supports multi-clouds, can provide advice and support based on knowledge and technology of building and operating various clouds.

Japanese support image icon for cloud usage

● Japanese support for cloud usage

When using cloud services made overseas, there are cases where support is not available in Japanese or quick response support is not available. Because Beyond has partnerships with various cloud providers, we provide support for cloud services in Japanese.

Support for utilizing cloud technology Image icon

● Support for utilizing cloud technology

We will share information about clouds/servers, such as how to utilize cloud service technology and provide update and maintenance information for cloud services. Beyond, which supports multi-cloud, will back up the effective use of cloud services by customers.

Cloud fee cost diagnosis image icon

● Cloud fee cost diagnosis

From the perspective of Beyond, a multi-cloud integrator and managed service provider (MSP), we review and reduce cloud running costs, including whether the cloud service being used by the customer has a system configuration that meets the original requirements. I will give you advice.

*For information on the various cloud services that support Beyond's cloud billing agency and implementation support, please check the [ Cloud Partner/Cloud Compatible List ]

*Monthly conversion from US dollars to Japanese yen is calculated based on the monthly average data of Mizuho Bank's official foreign exchange rate historical data Please note that monthly charges will be billed in Japanese yen after calculating the monthly exchange rate.

*This service does not cover cloud/server construction/operation/development, document creation such as proposals/configuration diagrams, etc.