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the "eBASEBALL Pro League Orix Buffaloes Support Site" *Our company Beyond is a sponsor of "Orix Buffaloes (eBASEBALL Pro League Team)".

About eBASEBALL Pro League

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“eBASEBALL Pro League” is a professional baseball e-sports league that uses “eBASEBALL Powerful Professional Baseball” and will start on Saturday, December 5th.

Twelve teams form teams of four players, and, like professional baseball, they are divided into the Central League and Pacific League, competing to be the best in Japan.

The ``eBASEBALL Pro League Orix Buffaloes Support Site'' produced by Beyond is the first eBASEBALL Pro League support site for 12 teams.

About the production content of Beyond

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・Site design layout proposal, creation
, site implementation (HTML/CSS coding, responsive support)

Company Name Orix Baseball Club Co., Ltd. (Orix Buffaloes)
Business details 1) Management of professional baseball events
2) Sales of tickets for professional baseball events
3) Sales of team goods